Our mission & vission

Born in 2016, AECOOP is an accelerator of startups and a digitizer of corporates. This joint approach has transformed us into an Innovation Hub that specializes in the digitalization of corporations through collaboration with startups. AECOOP manages to combine both talents by providing and channelling the innovative potential of entrepreneurs to serve and help large corporations find solutions through co-creation


Development of the entrepreneurial mindset

Asociación Europea para la Cooperación – AECOOP has created a vibrant entrepreneurial culture that promotes the development of the entrepreneurial mindset and generates innovative solutions to real-world problems. Pose your challenge and let us match you with a mentor that meets your needs. Someone who will help you translate an innovative idea or research discovery into ventures with economic and social impact.


Connect with the entrepreneurial community.

Connect with the entrepreneurial community. Join passionate entrepreneurs, start-ups and other ventures and exchange knowledge and ideas. A strong entrepreneurial ecosystem is key to make your business thrive, but it can be challenging to build. It is in our DNA to bring prospective partners together and help them expand their business. Our expertise, contacts and events connect you with established international partners to grow your business.

Business Matching

Do you have an idea and you are looking for a pilot?

Do you have an idea and you are looking for a pilot? Are you a mature company looking for fresh ideas that will shake the markets? Let us know what you are looking for and through our business matching service we will suggest partners, freelancers or start-ups that can help you reach your goal. We promote business synergies through collaborations, joint or new ventures.

Do you want to be a Mentor?

Get the chance to work with exciting ventures and help entrepreneurs grow. Join our growing network of experts and grow your portfolio of projects.