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AECOOP designs and coordinates innovative projects for various EU-funded programs such as Erasmus+ (KA1; KA2; KA3), ENI CBC, AMIF, REC, Horizon 2020 and EEA-Norway Grants. Recognizing diversity as a congenital feature of modern societies, our team has been tirelessly working to inspire, activate and transform communities by endowing citizens with innovative tools and comprehensive solutions, thus enabling them to reach their maximum potential in a sustainable manner. To accomplish its vision for social cohesion through the formation of inclusive, equitable and progressive societies, AECOOP has established an ongoing collaboration with leading universities, NGOs and civil society organizations of a pan-European and international outreach.

Our experience of partnership extends to working internationally and transnationally. European and International projects were built into the DNA from our inception. We are committed to sharing our practice and learning from others and to building international working relationships right across our areas of work.  Our experience is drawn from extensive experience of working in an international context, collaborating with partners from the European Union.

Our Founder and the senior staff at AECOOP have a long-standing commitment to the international and European dimension in skills, employment, arts and culture, economic development and enterprise, whether working transnationally through ERASMUS+, INTERREG, REC, DG Justice, AMIF and COSME or in previous programmes (such as the Lifelong Learning Programme, EQUAL, ADAPT, EMPLOYMENT, EUROFORM, FORCE).